$20 to Do My Homework for Me

I’m just wondering if I gave a scholar here 20 bucks and asked them to write me a paper, would they agree?
Thank you. Update: nevermind, I did my homework myself.
And yes, I’m not stupid or anything, I just don’t see what’s so beneficial about homework.

6 Answers

  1. As they say, not for love or money.
    Everyone should mind their business and do their homework.

    Made Made Answered
  2. Yep. We would agree. And you would be just as thick.
    What’s your problem man, you should learn to do your homework cos what do you expect, you think you can make someone do your job for you and you’ll just pay and have fun?
    No way man.

    Lucy Evans Lucy Evans Answered
  3. No way. Not my problem.

    Harry Harry Answered
  4. Why not, only I accept payment in pounds if that’s ok with you, what’s the topic?

    Yesyoucan Yesyoucan Answered
  5. Depends on your topic and the page count you need. However, I’d say I would do it. Can’t say no to a quick buck.

    Lu dzi Lu dzi Answered