20 Page Research Average Writing Time

How long do you think it will take to write a 20-page research paper, like, a narrative research or an essay on PC information security?

4 Answers

  1. Take 3 days for gathering information, 1 day for making up research question and brainstorming, maybe you can do outline that day too, then you write for about 5 hours, and need to relax after writing, get permissions, get your citation style nice and shiny – about 1 week, then you rewrite, edit and proofread, that’s about half a day.
    Makes 10 days.
    Maybe, a week, and you have a relevant piece of masterpiece.
    If you need it ASAP, you rely on what’s already written and don’t get permissions and don’t rewrite – about 1 day.

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered
  2. I’ve once written a 25-page thing overnight.
    Got me a C.

    Anen Anen Answered
  3. Cheez, what’re you talking about, collarbone? I mean, you actually want 1 actual week to relax after 5 writing hours?
    As to the question, assuming you get 1 hour for a page.
    20 hours.
    You can do that overnight or over the weekend.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  4. I wouldn’t write on computer security in the first place.

    Sandy Sandy Answered